How to Download and Install the Sky Sports APK for Android

Sky Sports APK has been recently released, and it’s finally compatible with Android devices! But there are some things you should know before downloading and installing the Sky Sports APK.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to download and install the Sky Sports APK on your Android device so you can start using this great sports app and watching all your favorite sports!


The sky sports app is a great way to watch sky sports in high definition without any lag or buffering. The only problem is that it isn’t available on google play, which means that you need to download it directly from their website.

If you want to install the sky sports apk on your android device, then keep reading this tutorial! We will teach you how to do so. First, go to
A video link will be provided below if you need help installing

If you have questions about how to install this app, please leave them in the comments below! I hope this guide helped you out with downloading and installing the sky sports apk on your android device!
Here is a video showing you how to install this app

What is the Sky Sports APK?

The Sky Sports APK is an app that allows users to watch live sports, highlights, and replays. The app is free of charge but requires a subscription with a TV provider.

In addition, it provides up-to-date scores and news. If you have never tried the Sky Sports app before, download it now! It is 100% worth your time because there are so many features to this app.

Whether you are looking for soccer or football, boxing or rugby, golf or cricket – there’s something for everyone on the Sky Sports App! Even if you’re not interested in sports at all, the app offers endless entertainment with documentaries, movies, and more.

There’s no excuse not to give the Sky Sports APK a try! The Sky Sports app also includes a 24/7 channel which can be found under the heading Live Football. You can find games from around the world here as well as any other sport you may be interested in.

You don’t need to worry about finding new content either! Every day there will be new events, matches, and games coming out on this channel; it’ll keep you entertained for hours every day.

How to download and install the Sky Sports APK

If you want to watch sky sports on your android device, follow these simple steps.
1) Go to your settings.
2) Tap on security and then unknown sources.
3) Choose whether you want a message that pops up when you try to download an app from outside of the Google Play Store.
4) If you’re ok with this message popping up, tap OK.

5) Open your browser and search for sky sports apk.

6) When the page opens, look for Download or APK.

7) Once you find it, click on it and select Download APK

8) You should now see a notification saying that it is downloading.

9) Wait until the file has finished downloading before opening it in order to install it.

10). Click on Open once finished installing (this may take a while).

Select where you would like to store the file, usually under Downloads. Double-click on the downloaded file to open it and wait for installation to finish! Once installation is complete, return back to your home screen as normal. Now that you’ve installed sky sports APK onto your device, enjoy live football every week!


If you have a smart phone, you can download the Sky Sports app. You will be able to watch live matches on your phone as long as your phone is connected to wi-fi or data. The sky sports app is also available on a number of different platforms so you can use it no matter what type of device you are using.

This means that you should be able to access the Sky Sports app if you own any of these devices: Apple TV , Fire Stick, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One.

The App Store does not support apps from third party developers like Sky Sports but with an iOS emulator like Cider/Xamarin, we’re able to sideload this app onto an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12+. Once installed, head over to Settings > General > Device Management > Profiles & Device Management.

Once here find the profile associated with your iTunes email address – click on Trust in order to give this app permission to run on your iOS device. It may take some time for live streaming features in the Sky Sports App to work properly due to lack of official licensing agreements in place.

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