Download the Monokai Tool to Better Manage Your Facebook Friends

Step 1: Log into Facebook using your username and password, then click the Account Settings link at the top of your Facebook profile. The Account Settings page will appear onscreen; select the Privacy option from the left-hand menu bar to continue.

What is the Monokai Tool?

The Monokai Tool is a software that helps you manage your friend list on Facebook. It does this by sorting friends into five categories: Friends, Acquaintances, Limited Contact, Ex-Friends and Blocked. The first four are pretty self-explanatory.

Blocked is for people who you have blocked but are still showing up in your feed because they have sent you a friend request or message and it has not been accepted yet. Ex-Friends is for people who you were once close with but now barely speak to so you’ve decided to exclude them from all future communication.

Limited Contact is for anyone who was once a Friend but now only sends occasional messages (you can also put yourself here). Friends are those folks with whom you have the most frequent contact (i.e., the ones at the top of your Friend List).

If you would like to change your priority order, move one of your contacts up or down in the list by clicking on their name. You will see a green arrow next to their name indicating which direction they will be moved.

What about Acquaintances?: These are individuals who may be on your Friend List but don’t really fall into any other category. They could be work colleagues, old college buddies, distant relatives etcetera. Sort them as you see fit!

How to Use the Monokai Tool

The Monokai Tool is a helpful tool for managing your Facebook friends. After you download it, you can use it to streamline how you manage your connections. It will let you:
1. Sort by last name
2. Sort by city
3. Remove people who are not on your friends list anymore

4. Add people that are not on your friends list and want to be 7. How does this help? You don’t have to go through hundreds of contacts each time you want to do something with them! You can even keep track of when they were last online or send messages right from the toolbar in Firefox.

4) Click Install Now in order to install Monokai Tool. Next, click the blue Add-ons button in the lower left corner of your browser window.

Find Monokai Tool under Social & Communication (you may need to scroll down). Finally, click Install. The installation should take less than 30 seconds and then you’re ready to use Monokai Tool!

What are the Benefits of Using the Monokai Tool?

The Monokai tool is designed for people with more than 500 friends on their Facebok account. It makes it easier to manage your online social life by allowing you to create lists of friends and then filter through them in order to find the person you are looking for. The tool also allows you to limit who can see certain posts that you make.

If someone is bothering you too often, this is a great way to get some relief. In addition, the privacy features allow you to determine how much of your information is public and how much you want other people to be able to see.

The Monokai Tool is still new but could be very useful if it continues to grow as expected. What do you think? Do you know anyone who might benefit from using it? Share this blog post with them!

How to Get Started with the Monokai Tool

Downloading and using the Monokai Tool will help you better manage your Facebook friends. This tool allows you to see who you interact with on a regular basis, as well as who you can safely delete from your list.

Downloading this tool takes only a few minutes, and it could make all of the difference in your social media experience. and then Add A New App.
Select Monokai Tool when prompted and click Authorize.

To use the tool after authorizing it for the first time, select one of your friends and scroll through their list of Likes or other posts. If they’re someone that you want to be more active with on Facebook, there’s no need to check them off again at the end; they’ll automatically be saved.

The next time you open up your list of friends and are looking for new ones to add, if they’re listed under Friends You Interact With, just check them off! It might seem tedious at first, but being able to get rid of those you don’t care about is worth it! The Monokai Tool makes this process much simpler by helping you save yourself some time.

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