Get Spotify Premium for free today

Spotify Premium can be great when you want to listen to your favorite artists and albums at any time, but the cost can really add up if you don’t have an unlimited music streaming subscription to go along with it. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get Spotify Premium for free today—no credit card needed! This short guide will show you how it’s done.

How to get Spotify Premium for free

If you’re an Android user, we have good news: you can get Spotify premium for free right now, and it’s super easy. First, head over to this page on your phone’s browser. You’ll see a box that says Sign Up For Free. Tap the blue text and sign in with your email address.

Then tap the blue button labelled Start My Trial. You’ll need to enter your credit card information before starting the trial period but don’t worry – at the end of this 7-day trial, you won’t be charged.

The only thing left is to click Free Trial on the confirmation screen and wait for Spotify Premium to download. Once downloaded, open up the app and log in with your account credentials (your e-mail address).

And that’s it! Now you can listen to any song you want without having to pay a dime.
The site also has an FAQ if you have any questions about using Spotify.

That way, you’ll never have to buy another spotify playlist again! With Spotify premium, you can make as many playlists as you want. Don’t miss out on your chance to use one of the best music apps ever made.

What are the benefits of Spotify Premium?

Spotify is the best music streaming service out of all of them. It has a huge library of songs and artists that you can listen to with an internet connection.

You can also download songs and albums so that you can listen to them offline or when you are not connected to the internet. Spotify premium has a few other features like better sound quality, no ads, skipping songs as much as you want, and access to offline playlists.

All these benefits come at a cost though because it costs about $10/month for the basic plan but there is a cheaper option where it’s just $5/month if you sign up with your cell phone number.

The only difference between these two plans is that the cheaper one only allows one device per subscription whereas the other one allows up to three devices. There is also a student plan that offers the same benefits of the basic plan but it’s just $4.99/month instead.

If you want to upgrade from either of those two plans, then you have to do a monthly payment over 12 months which will make the price more expensive than paying for 12 months in advance.

How to use Spotify Premium

Download the Spotify app to your device and open it. Tap on the Premium tab at the bottom of the screen.

Click Start Your Free Trial and follow the prompts to set up your account. The trial lasts for 30 days, after which you will be charged $9.99 monthly or $14.99 quarterly if you do not cancel before the end of the trial period.

You can manage your subscription from inside the Spotify app by tapping on Settings > Account > Membership Plans. You’ll see how much time is left on your current subscription plan, as well as what type of plan you are currently subscribed to.

When you’re ready to start a new subscription plan just tap Buy next to that plan’s name and fill out the necessary information such as billing information, payment method, etc.

If you have an active subscription and want to change your plan, just click Change Plan. If you need help with this process please contact customer service at

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Spotify Premium

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Spotify Premium account:

Access over 30 million songs on demand. -Play any song, album or playlist on your phone, tablet or computer. -Download music to listen offline. -Listen without ads. -Enjoy high-quality audio with no interruptions. -Take your tunes offline so you can enjoy them anytime.

Save space on your phone by streaming all the music that’s important to you. If you don’t have it already, download the free app now from Google Play Store! The app is called Spotify Music and is available in the store under the Music & Audio category.

To use premium features, just sign up for Spotify through this link before you open up the app—it’ll make things easier for both of us. And hey, if you want to cancel at any point, just go back to your Spotify App Settings and turn off Auto-Renewal.

Easy peasy! And if you’re still looking for more ways to enjoy listening to all those great new tunes without interruption, I highly recommend trying some other great apps like Pandora Radio or SoundCloud Pro.

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